Hi All,

I am new mummy for this forum. I am looking for a confinement lady at the moment. May I know what are the general practices for employing a confinement lady. For example:
1) Need to pay deposits upon confirmation? How much?
2) I read somewhere that need to pay 1 angpow when she comes and 1 angpow when she leaves? Is it normal practice or it depends? How much?
3) Need to pay for the taxi fare, if she is coming/leaving to Singapore or leaving Msia?
4) How about her food/daily meals? She buy her own or we buy for her?
5) Payment is done in full during the start or end of confinement? Or by weekly during the confinement period?
6) Need to help them apply work permit, if it is a Malaysian?
7) In some cases, if the confinement lady leaves 1 or 2 weeks earlier (due to a 2nd delivery), do we still make the full payment or deduct accordingly?

Please advise. Thanks.