Hello ladies,

I welcome feedback from both nannies and parents. Here is the situation:

I am a nanny working for a family with a three year old girl in Atlanta, GA. I am not on here to complain. I really love the family that I work for and I love my job. I have been on the job for 13 months. I am currently getting paid $10.00 p/h. I work 30 hours per week. I am beginning to feel that I am doing more than my wages reflect. Most of these things were not included in my contract and I dont't mind doing them it's just that I feel I should be paid more. I feel that I am driving the cild around more , but I am not being compensated. My duties include:

*four loads of Laundry a week (1 child 3 parents)
*Ironing clothes (all parents)
* Picking child up from half day school M-F( using my personal vehicle)
*Take child to the park 8 miles one-way away from home 3 times a week (again in my car)
*washing all dishes (hand washing, no auto dishwasher allowed)
*Taking child to library, zoo, grocery store
*feeding and walking 2 dogs
*of course bathing, and feeding the child.
* Doing lessons with the child (reading, math, phonics and foreign language)

The worse part of all, For the last three weeks I have been working 60 hours per week, but I dont't receive overtime pay for those extra 20 hours, just the same rate of 10.00 per hour. Is that illegal?

I would love to hear from some parents who employ nannies to see if my job duties accurately reflect my pay.

Thanks for any assistance.
Caelan Simpson