I went to Hougang green and inquired in some of the agencies there about their package fee etc.

​Jack Focus maid agency
package fee: $800+ including insurance
replacment: unlimited and no lodging/food charges
-keep promoting transfer maids to us, saying transfer maid is cheaper than fresh maid
-0 off day for Myanmar

​SLF maid agency
package fee: $890 including insurance
Replacement: unlimited but lodging/food $12/day
-agents there mostly aunties, not professional speaking
-introduce me a maid's biodata when I have not't even told her my needs and saying that The Maid is good
-1 off day per month after the loan is finish for myanmar

​Innova resource maid agency
package fee: $558 + $300 insurance
replacement: 2 times in 24 months but lodging/food $15/day
-the director and her Son quite professional feel
-when asked about counselling of maid, the director say a call from the agent to The Maid should be ok already
-when asked if feel that The Maid is not well trained, can we send back to them to train, the director told me the training
starts from my house and I have to train them myself. Seems to me that lack of effort in helping to counsel the maid
-0 off days for Myanmar maid

Any reviews for these 3 maid agency or have any other good agencies to recommend me? Trying to find a maid to reach me during April.