Hi, I just want to rant everything out. I am so pissed off…

Before the story goes, here is the short name for each person:
1. Maid: Amy
2. Employer 1- bedridden old man- Uncle
3. Employer 2- employer with 2 kids and is currently pregnant- Jane

There is a maid in my house- employed by my aunts to look after my granddad but at times, she took care of my daughter. As for my daughter, her main caregiver is my 4th aunt. Besides that, my 4th aunt is also the one who oversees the maid and my granddad.

Since she first came till now, 3 months had passed. But yesterday, she told my aunts she dont’t want to work anymore. Frankly speaking, we expected this outcome as be it her attitude, working attitude and behavior, were pretty bad.

Can you imagine Amy as a maid, sit down and watch tv while my 4th aunt is doing spring cleaning around the house? Besides that, when we are watching tv, Amy will say, can you pause the tv now? Ar gong is walking; I got to follow him first. On top of that, when she sweep and mop the floor, it is not very clean. Thus, my uncle ‘taught’ her how to sweep and mop. After my uncle ‘taught’ her, she will sit down and do nothing. It is like, … she is the employer while my 4th aunt and my uncle is maid.

Imagine when she were with us, she often compared my granddad (my granddad walks with walking frame) to Uncle. She would say looking after Uncle is easier and so on. Worse is she also do funny hand signs and give funny expressions behind my granddad’s back. She also lied about, saying my granddad asked sex from her. When we asked my granddad about this, my granddad denied.

Secondly, when she looked after my daughter, she will compare my daughter with her Jane’s kids. She will say my daughter is someone who is stubborn and etc. Moreover, she will keep complimenting her previous employer. She will say Jane is caring, help her alot, buy camera for her and etc. And now, Jane is currently 37 weeks pregnant and is going to be due soon. She said she wanted to go back to Jane.

Thirdly, for the first few weeks, her performance was okay. So, she said her daughter-in -law is pregnant and she is now looking for infant clothes, I gave her (free of charge) at least 60 pieces of clothing to her- 30% are brand new while the rest are almost brand new as my daughter hardly wear it. But in the end, I realized she is a betrayal. She told my aunts tons of untrue things regarding me, my sister and my 4th aunt. Due to this, we had a cold war with the rest of my aunts. It was so…

Frankly speaking, I really hate her to the core now. She gave us nothing but troubles.

Since she is leaving, my aunts said they will not employ anymore maid to look after my granddad. In another words, my 4th aunt got to look after my daughter and granddad. It is totally unfair to her as they didn’t pay my aunt (my aunt is a housewife) to look after my granddad. And my granddad has a high risk for fall. So, every time when he walks, someone has to tag behind. If that the case, how is she going to tackle both old and young?


In short, maids are nothing but trouble makers (especially when the maid has been working for a long period of time and has tons of relatives working here too).