Hi everyone,

want to ask if anyone has send their maid or caregiver for training on how to take care of babies and children? I have managed to find 3 providers of such training and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? If you have send your maid or caregiver to other training providers do share as well!

1. Inspire Baby care workshop Inspire Mum & Baby Our focus is your fitness, health and wellness
  • $110 for 1 session duration 3 hours. Not sure of the rates for caregivers as they stated they are subject to another fee. Have emailed them to ask but no reply yet.
2. Sunlove Home Training for domestic workers and caregivers SUNLOVE : Our Services
  • $200 for 6 sundays duration 4 hours each. For Singaporeans, can apply for subsidy Caregivers course through the Centre of Enabled Living website at www.cel.sg. Only pay $10 for entire course!!
  • The nursing director emailed me today to confirm they have a class starting in July.
  • Not sure on the content of the course, still awaiting their reply.
3. Thomson Medical Center Infantcare Training Program Thomson Medical Centre
  • $300 approximately. Actually I can't remember the exact price as I enquired with them quite some time back.
  • Course content seems adequate.
Do share your thoughts / comments. I am considering sending my new help for some basic training, if its good maybe send for first aid training too (I heard Red Cross is also giving out first aid training). Being the primary caregiver for our children I would want her to be fully equipped with the skills to handle any situation.