Hi there, I am SG Supernanny and a parenting coach and speaker. If you and your child are sleep deprived and you are still needing to wake up for the night feeds even after your baby is on solids, then perhaps I can help.

I specialised in sleep training. I am extremely dedicated to helping families getting the much needed rest they need in order to live a happy, restful and healthy life. My sleep services are available to families who are looking for solutions and support if they are experiencing difficulties with their child's sleep.

You will get personalised, one-on-one assistance and relief will come sooner than you think. I can answer the questions that keep you up at night and support you to make the changes that need to be made. Rest assured, you will not be alone in this process. I will work with you to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to be a more confident parent. With guidance from me, your whole family will benefit night after night and day after day from much-deserved sleep. You will feel more connected with your family, more optimistic and more confident. Most importantly, you and your baby will get the much deserved restful night sleep you both so rightfully earned.

You can google Singapore Supernanny and checkout my blog for more information. All the best to you!