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Babysitter 'Kena' SABO.. What to do?

This is a discussion on Babysitter 'Kena' SABO.. What to do? within the Domestic Helper, Nanny and Confinement Lady forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Hi.. May i ask? I am a babysitter. Has anybody ever 'KENA' sabo by employer's before? Recently, i had babysit ...

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    Babysitter 'Kena' SABO.. What to do?


    May i ask? I am a babysitter.

    Has anybody ever 'KENA' sabo by employer's before?

    Recently, i had babysit a baby and a toddler (siblings).

    Already took care of them for just two weeks.

    Ive to terminate the service coz their mother did not pick them up at all as how she promised at first.

    As day by day, to fetch her kids back home, to bring her kids clothes over, milk, etc.. is all empty promises. NO SHOW! never pick up call.. never reply sms..

    So, which means her kids have to overnite+weekend straight until 2 weeks. Diff to contact her. She chose not to reply me.

    After all, i sms her that Ive no choice to report police if shes still did not want to fetch her kids back. Finally, she replied. She said that she will fetch her kids back but she will pay my 2 weeks service when she got her salary..

    But, its already 1 month plus that i have not yet got my service $. Contact her. But her reason was she need her salary $ to buy her kid's needs. And also has some issues with her hubby. Give her another chance till end of this month.

    Now, my question is; What do you do if your employer still has no $ to pay you?
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    Babysitter 'Kena' SABO.. What to do?

    Just tell her if she dont't want to pay you ,you got no choice but to report police.
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    Re: Babysitter 'Kena' SABO.. What to do?

    You sld collect payment first before you start just like school fees and not as working salary
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    Re: Babysitter 'Kena' SABO.. What to do?

    Last time, when my mum baby sit also gena before. The baby's mum pays salary on time but problem is she never fetches the baby home.
    The agreement is 7am-7pm, but until 11pm, baby's mum never appear. Then, realise she is 'hiding' inside her house.
    So, go to baby's house to take care is better... time up, sayonara. Know her address, cannot dont pay. hahaha

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    Re: Babysitter 'Kena' SABO.. What to do?

    Oh luckily I never have this case before. If were me I would report police. Maybe you should let US - the babysitter here know this mum then we can avoid her next time.
    Hope you soon get $$ back

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