Good morning,
My name is Chantel, I am chinese and I am currently pursuing my bachelors double major in Pyschhology and human resource management. I hold two diplomas- diploma in business management and diploma in psychology. I have been a babysitter and a tuition teacher for 3 years now and I used to coach children from the ages of 10 months - 9 years swimming and gym (playschool). I have a passion for children ever since I was in secondary school. I've decided to study psychology (children and adult) in order to help those who need a helping hand in maintaining a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. I am staying in the central and would love to be able to look after your kids. I cook ( I believe in healthy fresh veggies and fruits), clean (keep their toys), guide them along in their homework and would bring rented movies and books. I am fluent in english and I am not the typical babysitter. I tutor and babysit for the price of one. (: I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you upon taking time to read this.

Email me at or call me at 8478-1307 (:

God bless,