Hi to all mummies ,

I am interested to babysit your child / baby on a full-time basis, part-time basis or adhoc basis.

I am a 25 year old mother to a 1 year old boy staying in Tampines. I have no other experience besides the experience that was accumulated from looking after my little one.

My daily routine to my son since birth (besides the usual feeding of milk, bathing, burping, and putting him to sleep) was to sing to him, read books to him and tell stories to him, and now play with him. No rocker, 'yao lan' was used in putting my boy to sleep. He is able to self-soothe himself to sleep each time he is sleepy (at 1.30pm, 5pm for his afternoon naps and 10.30pm for his night sleep).

I love children and miss the times when my little precious was still a newborn and a baby and would love to relive that moments again. Price is of no issue to me since I am new to babysitting.

SMS me your timings and your price and we will work something out. My only condition is for you to give me a favourable testimonial or help in advertising my services if I have done a good job. =)

Looking forward to hear from the mummies out there!!

Cheers and happy Chinese New Year!!