My exprience with this agency is like fxxx..
Told them i need a maid who can look after newborn and 4 years old toddle at e end 1st maid say she know how to look after baby ok i hire her and bring my sister in law 5 month to test her.. to my horror qshe dont even know how to carry so i send her back.. 2nd maid know how to look after newborn but 3rd they come she say her daughter at phillipine is sick inside hospital wanted to go back.. so send her back to agency.. 3rd maid at 1st month come do thing ok everything ok 2nd month start pattern come out buy rice can go for 2hr then come back.. give my 3 month old baby drink 2 scoop of milk powder which she already drink 5 scoop.. my daughter from 1st month to 2nd i look after she gain 1.5kg but 2 month to 3 month she take over my daughter only gain 700g.. i was so angry and i tell the agency and the agency can tell me if i not happy can just send her back to agent.. i was like fxxx you are not repossible for what your maid does? So mummies out there please dont go this agency and hired there maid..