Dear all,
I just delivered my baby girl via c-section on 6 Feb. We wanted to take care of my little girl on our own but couldn't as hubby needs to work and my c-section wound quite painful. In the end, we decided to engage a confinement nanny for help. In fact, I'm glad we decided to get one. Though this is my 2nd confinement but this is the first time im engaging one. She is from Malaysia.
I would like to recommend my confinement nanny. I read alot of stories from forum and so scare of what I 'heard'. I am quite skeptical in the beginning but my overall experience with my nanny is GREAT!
She is not those traditional nanny that says you cant do this and that. I am also not those people who does strict confinement . :P Anyway she takes good care of my baby girl. She besides the norm of cooking for hubby and me and feed baby, she also helps cook dinner for my family (my mum, dad, hubby, myself and my son). Usually the norm only mummy, newborn and hubby only. I must say she is really very helpful and kind too. Sometimes she helps me change my son's soiled diaper he is only 16 mths old. She cook nice food too! I love her pig trottle vinegar! :P
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