Hi babes,

I'm currently in amidst of my 22th week of pregnancy.
After much discussion with my husband, we're deciding on a day confinement lady.
I've been doing my research on the net since this week and it's been fruitful.

I've shortlisted 2 best candidates, but unfortunately they are all booked up.
My estimated due date is 5th October 2009.
Thus needing a day confinement lady recommendation badly.
Really hope there could be kind souls around recommending.
No advertisements please, just sincere help needed here.
And only for day confinement lady.
I've got tons of stay-in confinement ladies already.

Meantime I'd like to leave down the 2 day confinement ladies which I think is so far the best reviewed on all mummy forums. In case this would be of help to any of the mummy-to-be here! (:

1) Auntie Choo - 98476976
Previously her number was 97451933. This is her updated number. Just called her up and she's all booked up. If your EDD is in 2010, I think she's a good choice.

2) Serene - 97511169
She's really friendly over the phone. Kept apologising to me cos she can't take up my confinement date.

Note, these 2 listed above are all DAY CONFINEMENT LADIES.