Hi mummies, I had recently got a helper (filippino) for about 3 months. To me,she is alright, but my hubby and my mum think otherwise. Recently I'm not working, so most of the days I'm at home and I'm beginning to see some probs with her.

First of all,her English is not that good,so we had a bit of difficulties communicating and thus is where I believe is the root of the probs.

My mum tried to teach her how to do those houseworks and taking care of my 18mths dear daughter, but she can never seem to remember. I admit that my mum may be more like a perfectionist so when the maid didn't do the way my mum taught her,my mum will be pissed and raised her voice a little.

My hubby had asked me to change her before but I felt she is still ok as she clicked with my dear daughter and I'm due for my 2nd in 7 weeks, so if I change now I'm afraid may not have time to teach all over again.

So I want to ask, is there any effective ways I can use to educate her??