Hello Job Seeker, Iím Mr Henry Walhberg, We would like you to work as a nanny,gardener and

driver for my family, We are happily married with a son, We live and work in the UK. I need an

honest and a faithful person to work with my family.
The salary is 2700GBP monthly and 200GBP allowance weekly.

The working hours is from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm each day on weekdays.You will also be paid for

overtime service if any occur. Vacation is 4 times annually of a week each.
We have an apartment for you in our house and we will take the responsibility of your Feeding,

accommodation, Medication and pay 70% of your Visa and flight ticket to bring you here in United

Kingdom.You will also pay for your working permit incase if you dont't have it yet through a

Certified you.K Immigration Agent which in accordance with the new British Labor Law.

Any interested applicant should make sure he or she has these following documents available

(passport and birth certificate) before submitting his or her CV /resume because the documents

has an important role to play in your coming down to the UK if are you granted the job, Kindly

email me your resume/CV on (walhberg.family2010@gmail.com or +447035992390)