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Glutton Maid ~ Unbearable!!!!!!

This is a discussion on Glutton Maid ~ Unbearable!!!!!! within the Domestic Helper, Nanny and Confinement Lady forum, part of the You and Your Family category; i have this indo maid aged 39yrs old. she can work but very slow though she is ex-s'pore. she also ...

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    Glutton Maid ~ Unbearable!!!!!!

    i have this indo maid aged 39yrs old. she can work but very slow though she is ex-s'pore. she also doesnt admit her mistakes when being pointed out. instead of admitting her mistakes, she talked & answered back with black face.

    her main problem is glutton. she is very skinny & tall but she eats alot & often complained hungry. her rice serving is about 2 bowls (soup bowl) & often eat bread/biscuits even 1-2 hours after meal. my dad have a maid named L. whenever i bring to my dad's house, she will asked food from L. sometimes when we went out for dinner with my family in chinese restaurant, we will give them $$ and tell them to eat at other places like foodcourt which have malay food. worse of all, my maid is the stingy & calculative kind. but dont be mistaken by her stingy way. she doesnt remit $$ back home neither call home. she is a lone ranger, doesnt even miss her own son at all.

    i was very pissed off cos this is not the 1st or 2nd time. just now we have dinner at pu tien tampines mall. i tell my maid & L to eat at Katrina which sell malay food like laksa, mee sian, lotong etc... i give them $10 & tell them to share among themselves. i even take the effort to search for malay food for them. in the end, they overspent. she said L wanted to order yellow rice cost $5+. then i asked her what food she eat. she replied the same as L. i told her L have a habit that she will bring her own $ when go out but my maid is the stingy one who dont bring a single cent. L will always top up the rest if she want to eat the food she want. my maid tell her wanted to eat the same as hers but didnt bring $$ to top up. in the end, L paid for her. there were several times she asked L or my eldest sister's maid (you) to pay for her. i was so pissed off. i provided her 3 huge serving meals but she still asked them for food or tell them to pay for her. i told her that if L or you wanted to pay for you, that is not my biz anymore. but i do not want to hear them gossip saying that i ill treated my maid or didnt provide food for her.

    i tell her off just a moment ago. i told her L know she have to top up her own $ if overspent. but my maid want to eat good & lotsa food without paying a single cent.

    there is no free lunch in the world...i have told her many times not to do that but she disregarded my words...

    mummies or daddies, what will you do if you r me?


    her food intake:
    9am+ breakfast
    12pm+ snacks (bread/biscuits) she said hungry
    2pm+ lunch
    4pm+ snacks
    7pm+ snacks
    10pm+ snacks
    11pm+ dinner (she claimed she prefer to dinner after shower so hence late dinner)
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