First of all, congratulations to all the mums around here!

I am a student currently studying in a local university and am lucky to have the opportunity to have a project which focuses on the confinement nanny industry. The scope of our project focuses on the practices and outlook of the confinement nanny industry. As a teenager, i have yet to have the chance to really observe first hand the hardship experienced by mothers, and how a good confinement nanny could be such a good help to them. Hence, your assistance to us will greatly help us to understand the the nannies better.

With your agreement, we would like to visit you at your house together with your confinement nanny. We will also be helping out the confinement nanny with some of the chores (with her supervision, of course). After which when the chores are done, we will also like to have a chat with both yourself and the nanny regarding the confinement tradition and the outlook of the industry as a whole. The project findings will be shared among the class and it will certainly be an interesting topic that will arouse interest and educate all our fellow classmates. What's more, with several teenagers helping out, be sure that we will add some excitement to your confinement.

Due to our deadline, we can only interview mum/dad who are employing a nanny currently or in the near future. If you need more information, please contact me at 9062 seven nine three five. Thanks in advance!!! Thank you!