hi there....
I have a indo maid for about a year now. I told her to use the kids room to sleep but recently she uses my other common room instead. I dont't know why. sometime she will sleep in the kids room and sometime the other room. Though she is clean. But I dontít like her to use the other common room. I did try to tell this to her but not so directly. Told her when we have no guests at home she should use one room so that we dontít have to change the bedsheet as often as needed. But if she use the both room we need to wash the other bedsheets unnecessarily. I have 2 kids at home. One is 6 years old and one is 16 month old. So they will use the room during day time only.
What should I do? I am tensedÖ.pls advice whether your maid is allowed to do this and those who dontít have maids whats your opinion?
Thank you