I came across Aunty Ong 5 years ago when I was frantically looking for a babysitter for my baby then. She was a fuzzy and difficult baby to begin with and a few babysitter including my grandma and mother in law gave up trying. I was looking for a job to go back to work so it became more urgent. Especially when I needed a babysitter to take care of her almost daily, with 1 day off per week and not a fix off day some more.

Many babysitter were not able to attend to my request until I met Aunty Ong. I was quite skeptical but I had no choice so I choose to trust after visiting her place (to make sure the place is safe and clean) and informing beforehand about my girl's behaviour and temperament.

Blessed to say that my baby were making improvement every week when I fetch her home. She was also a non-sociable baby who in turn to be the most bubbly one at home now. I never had to worry a single thing about her with Aunty Ong. She would take care of her school for me if need be. Knowing that I am busy with work, she would simply just nurse my girl's health when she is sick when it is not too serious. Or she would also just bring my girl to the doctor if it's more serious whether or not she could contact me and inform me or not.

She would also bring my girl along with her own family outings like going to the swimming pool, shopping mall, playground, bbqs and such. Which of course she did ask for my consent first. At times when my off days are burnt and not able to fetch my girl, she would also give her understanding and never ask more than what she could. And never ask for more money because of such too.

All in all, I would say that she is the most understanding and competent babysitter I have ever met. My girl is 6 this year and she had spent 5 years with Aunty Ong. If not for the fact that she is going to primary school next year, I might just let aunty ong carry on taking care of her. And this is not because of me being an incompetent mum anymore but more of the relationship we had build over the years.

Should you wish to give her a visit and see if she is alright for you do contact her at 68446371 (Hm) or 88228449 (HP).