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how to handle 'smart alec' maid

This is a discussion on how to handle 'smart alec' maid within the Domestic Helper, Nanny and Confinement Lady forum, part of the You and Your Family category; OMG!!!!! I just switch to a father in law maid after 3 indo maids....... seem like not very good feedback....

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    Re: how to handle 'smart alec' maid

    OMG!!!!! I just switch to a father in law maid after 3 indo maids....... seem like not very good feedback.

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    Re: how to handle 'smart alec' maid

    me case same as you lay but i already over it .
    whenever i say something she were talk back something but she dont get scoldin from me all the time cos when she do her thing well i just ok ..
    she also tae care my dotter from birth and also ask her to do my pattern she do her own pattern example i let my dotter sleep on the sarong on the dae but bed at nite, then one nite i saw her puttin her to sleep at sarong then i say her ..
    but overall not much she still do mostly what i want her too doo, can say that we quite trust her ..
    she also same age as me...
    todae when i head home, haha i saw her restin at the sofa raisin her lg upon the coffee table watchin tv...
    (we dont mind cos she finish her work but once she saw mw she paisey n put down )then when i goo and see my dotter, i was angry , i say my maid, you onli know how to watch tv(pacifier on my dotter forehead while sleepin)dont even know how too see this and yet she just smile at me, straight awae i ask her to take out the pacifier, sometime dunnoo what she thinkin also...dunnoo her mind fly where....
    and she alsoo very smart alec also , one dae ask for early paid on one sunday, we give her , then when monday(usually me n my hus very busy on that day) she say she want too goo to wetsern union n send money, my hus tell her nicely can changed it to tomorrow(tuesday) as my hus is very late from work, but she insist she want to go n say she can take bus go,so bo pain my husband bring her goo ...then come back i scold her, really too much lay , she want to go western union she should say beforehand mah...
    not everyone soo free like her....
    really pekchek...but overall she can be quite nice , she do her housework n cookin well and we really dote on her ..but sigh...still human being make mistake ...but as for this topic yes my maid very very smart alec....

    one more incident, my friend 2 kids want to come over my place and play but the fact is my 4month dotter alwaes sleepin mah, then even the kids come also noo use as my son is awae at m mother in law house then before that i have already told my maid that if they want to come up say no and explain to them nicely( my frien maid were bring the 2 kids up).. if i allowed mean that the 2kids also not playing, is the 2 maid want to talk..
    and my 4mth dotter also dunnoo how to play with the 2 kid yetz, in fact i have already told her to reject,
    you peep guess what she doo instead, she ask the 1 of the 2 kid to call me on my handphone and ask me..and my maid also very smart , she quickly msg me that she give the number to the kid to ask me, really very pek chek ..
    tryin to act smart too doo that....
    Mummi NiaNia

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