anyone can share w me how their maid work along w their mother or mother in law?

i got an indonesia maid to take care of my 5 mths baby w my mother in law at my place. my mother in law stupid, everday chit chat w d maid. this maid always report to her what my hubby and i do (my mother in law only comes on wkdays, wkends my hubby and me takre care of baby) and what we scold her on.

now, she starts to share her feeli ngs w my mother in law. like she stress when my hubby scold her, cannot sleep, etc. stress we got camera to watch over her.

i think is bullshit. she talk also like to exaggerate one, this one i can tell.

earlier i told my hubby we shud stop her fm talking too much. now my hubby regret...

anyone can share w me?