Indonesian ex malaysia 3 years available for transfer. Nurmiyati current salary $550 with 2 off days. She is willing to accept $530 with only 1 off day. Interested to know more about her, I am contactable at 94881104 to arrange for interview with maid.

This maid is from my fellow agent friend. I take her over for counseling and training because I can communicate in Indonesian.

So far I find that She is hardworking and enjoy doing housework. So I would like to take her over and find her a new employer.

Previous employer hire her for elderly care and employ her only for 3 days. Feedback is dont't follow instruction. I spoke to the maid, she said she do not understand the employer. But so far my mother in law speak simple english n very little Malay. Both are able to communicate. She is first time working in Singapore.