I have an Indonesian maid who has been with my family for over a month. I find that she is too young and simply cannot handle any children and I'm having a headache with her at home as none of my children likes her (there's 4 young kids @ home between 18 months *- 9 years old). She's not helping much when her main job scope is to help my mum to look after the children. I'm thinking of transferring her out.
Anyone who is keen, please send me an email at ismawaty77@gmail.com

Things to note: As mentioned, she is only with my family for a month so I cannot comment much on her as different families may have different expectations.

Some things that is good to get her as below:
(1) Able to communicate in English
(2) Independent and street smart (she is able to send my 2 kids to school by bus on her own)
(3) No loan
(4) Salary: $350/month w/o off day & hp (she has a sim card though)

Please note that I can only transfer her out and arrange for interview once I have found a suitable replacement helper. She is RECOMMENDED for housework only. Good for house with no kids or kids who are grown ups. Those who want to take her with job scope other than housework - do so at your own risk. :-)

About her:
- Indonesian Muslim
- 25 years old (I think)
- Fresh maid; been in SG for near to a year with multiple employers as she was assigned to look after elderly and apparently, elderly either passed away or got well so dont't need her service.
- Do not eat pork

Serious employer please email me at ismawaty77@gmail.com