I just sharing this lady who was an ex-staff of hospital.
She currently provide the following service for mummy to be

1) Pre-natal and Post natal Massage (I tried the pre-natal and it really feel very relax after the massage)
2) Lactation Care (Relieve Engorgement/ EMpty blocked ducts) once a week.
3) Baby Massage
4) Confinement Nanny Service ( Available March 2016 onwards, SIngaporean)
5) Customised confinement diet therapy
6) Ad-hoc, Day care and/or night care
7) Bathing and caring for babies
8) Place & train program for back-to-work mothers

I recommend her as I find she really good, able to give advice to especially to 1st time mum or parent.
Many thing I learned from her thru chatting during massage or after massage., which I do not know about it during my 1st baby 6years ago. (Noob)

If you are interested to try out, contact Christina 9010 2356