I am looking for a maid/domestic help for my 9 month old daughter- someone who can independently handle a baby and has good work ethic. My husband and I are in office during weekdays and we need someone we can trust with our little one. Cooking skills are not so critical, but should have good standards of hygiene apart from being good with kids. Its great if the maid comes with a referral from her previous employer.

A bit of information about us - we are an Indian expat family living on Meyer road. My husband and I are both working professionals. We are not a vegetarian family. We are also not particular about eating Indian food

Would appreciate recommendations and thoughts, in case any of you are looking to transfer your current maids or know helpers who are looking for an employer. I can be reached via email - apbharadwaj@gmail.com or through a reply to this thread.

Many thanks in advance!