Hi all, am currently looking for an indonesian maid.

Duties are :
1. Prepare my 2 boys [3yo & 5yo] for daycare in the morning - I will send them to daycare myself.
2. General housekeeping - we live in a 4 room flat
3. Simple cooking like pasta, mac n cheese, fried rice, chicken soup
4. In the evening, play with my boys whilst me and hubby have dinner and unwind after work
5. Prepare the boys room for bedtime - I will put the boys to sleep. Lights out is usually 9.30pm
6. No cooking required on weekends as i will do the cooking myself or we eat out

Relatively simple tasks but my boys can be a handful at times. I prefer a tranfer maid as she will be on her own most of the time so i need someone experienced and reliable and not be fraternising with other maids and foreign workers while we are outside.

Anyone got any maids who are finishing contracts or willing to transfer do pm me.