Dear Mummies,

I just wanted to share my recent experience engaging a new domestic helper from philipines. I search around looking for few maid agency, most of them are quite responsive and able to email the biodata for your consideration without going down to the office for further discussion. I find that this is quite a convenient arrangement especially for busy mummy. You only call the agent for further details if you keen with the maid that you reviewed.
Nowaday the agent charges is relatively high due to high demand and shortage of the maid, but i have this agent very understand my current situation, he willing to listen and try his best to hunt the suitable maid for you.
He is quite efficient, when i confirmed the maid that i want from him he process within two days and keep me update when the application approved. He also arrange someone to get sign on the documents to my door step it make me so convenient as a full time working mother.
He has 25 years experience in this industry and i am happy with his service. As for the quality of the maid, he is trying to recommend or give a suitable maid to you, you just list your requirement and email to him.
His charges is very much reasonable compared to others.
As for the quality of the maid, i can say the agent has done the very best and sometime is very difficult dealing with the human being. So far a few of friend got a good dear husband from him. I hope i m lucky like them also.
My maid will be joining me 28.8.12.
Anyone looking for good maid agency one more agency here for your consideration.
you may call Bernard @ 9824 7086. You may mentione Ms Teh recommend. I dont't earn any commission, i just want to compliment his service by post this thread in the forum.

Best regards,