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how to choose maid?

where your maid from?
How to choose??

Maybe you should find those either with experiences taking care of kids frm their previous employers or those who r married that have taken care of their kids before.

My maid taken care 4 of her siblings before n her youngest bro happened to b the same age as my son so i choose her as my maid.

If you really want your maid to take care of your baby then you have to let your maid knw in advance as sum do not want to take care of baby~

Sumore you aso must let her knw that if baby wake up during midnite, she has to take care of the baby BUT in return you cant xpect her to wake up very early n let her have afternoon nap whenever the baby is sleeping bcoz you have to understand that insufficient rest will make a maid stress n unhappy. I tink you aso dont wish that maid abuse the baby bcoz of too stress or insufficient rest, rite??

you aso must let her knw that baby is her priority than housework too. Anyway what i mentioned is what i told my maid previously n what i do towards my maid.

If you want your maid to do the work well most important she must b happy of her work so enuff rest if very important to anyone n tis apply to anyone in tis world~

Btw the maid i got it frm an agency opened by my hubby's relatives~ I cant rmb the name of the agency alrdy~