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Maid discipline

This is a discussion on Maid discipline within the Domestic Helper, Nanny and Confinement Lady forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Hi, Im new to hiring and disciplining my maid. Got her to help out with chores and kids. It's been ...

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    Maid discipline

    Im new to hiring and disciplining my maid. Got her to help out with chores and kids. It's been 6mths. She's new fr Myanmar. Observing her till now, she and kids gets along well. Daytime, kids are in childcare so she do the chores. Kids are 4 & 2. Night time cuz I am working, she cooks and bath and takes care of them.
    When she goes to in law place or whenever relatives visit, she doesn't greet them. Is this ok?
    During her first week, she actually finished up my newly opened bottled of kaya. I was pretty pissed. Today, I found out she ate my food. Is it a must to let her know what she can eat and what she can't? I thought she know. Perhaps I have not set e correct rules. How to rectify and will you all be very fierce to her if she do things not up to standard?
    Another occasion is my sis in law also have a myanmar maid and when we go visit her at her place or my in law place, my maid will automatically find the other maid and start chatting and doing things together. I have not confront her about this yet. I do not want to be like a mean boss but I guess I'm too soft on her and she may just climb over me soon.

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    Re: Maid discipline

    Hello... hope you overcome your problems oredi. Anyway, here's how i handle my maid:

    1) food - I will let her know what can be eaten and what cannot. If he is a big eater, you may want to consider scooping out a portion for her. Like you kaya case, I have a separate container for my maid. So she needs to estimate how much to put. If she finishes before i go replenish, then she gotta eat plain bread

    2) Greetings - I make sure my maid says hello or at least smile when she sees my frnes or relative. This is basic manners

    3) Chatting with maid - relative maid is ok i guess but I prohibit her from chatting with outside maid.

    Just my 2 cents worth...

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