Hi Mummies,

How to deal with maid if she says she wants to go back to agency?This is the 2nd time she told me.She just gave me this feeling that i can't live without her.

Her work scope is very simple, mop the floor daily,feed/play with my kids,and simple housework.I am a stay at home mum so we share the housework together.

She has been in SG for the past 9months.At the beginning,everything is ok.We bought her a hp as her work performance is good.Take care of my kids well.

Her 1st time in SG.Things started to change when she contacted her sister and got her salary after her 6th month with us.

The 1st time she demand was a "off day"
She knows clearly from the agent that she got no "off day"
The reason she gave me was, she wants to go out with her elder sister and aunt whom is working as domestic helper in SG too.

Every 2 or 3 days, she will talked with them on the phone.

What should i do? Give in to her again this time?But who knows in future she will demand for more?

What will the agent do with her if i sent her back?Or i just buy a ticket for her to ask her go back to her country?