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~~~ Naughty Maid ~~~

This is a discussion on ~~~ Naughty Maid ~~~ within the Domestic Helper, Nanny and Confinement Lady forum, part of the You and Your Family category; now me very confused..dont't know still want to keep her with me.. this indo maid have been with me for ...

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    Imperial Concubine jaybaobei's Avatar
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    ~~~ Naughty Maid ~~~

    now me very confused..dont't know still want to keep her with me..

    this indo maid have been with me for 1yr 3mths..honestly speaking she is able to work (can cook, take care babies, do housewks) but she has one very serious problem. she like to argue back and whenever i pointed out her mistake, she will not admit her wrongdoings. probably she thinks herself very experienced in taking care babies. she used to work (look after babies) in indo & s'pore. reason i keep her with me for so long despite she like to argue and talk back is able to work. she also like to do things in her own ways despite i taught her in my ways. e.g. teach her to do those things when my twins sleep. she dont't listen and i was so pissed off. straight tell her off to her face, ask her you still want to work here or not, her answer is depend on me ...if i want her then keep her, if dont't want her then nevermind ..
    i was so shocked with her answer... she is also a glutton...like to eat..whenever i tell her throw spoilt or overnite food, she will taste secretly and keep in the fridge again. when i open the fridge, surprised still inside. i asked her why, she can even giggled and tell me: mdm, i taste like very nice so keep ...
    this morning, i tell her to buy bread for my dear husband cos he need to have his bfast before going to work. tell her to go over to 7-11 to buy (btw 7-11 is only 2 blks away from mine) and came back about half hr later. i asked her why so long. she just giggled. then i checked her bag, she bought condensed milk and cakes for herself. i was so angry and tell her off: sir is waiting for the bread and rushing to work. yet you buy yr own food. btw, this is not the 1st time she do this ...
    i was really helpless with her .. before i complained to agent and they advised me to change but me soft hearted and give her chance. now even i called agent, they also will not entertained me ...
    so sian...can anyone give me precious advise..

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    Pure Consort apollo's Avatar
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    Re: ~~~ Naughty Maid ~~~

    i think your maid basically is still okay since she can do her wk well BUT the talking back part is abit too over!

    i think she is so daring talking back to you cos she feels that she can cook and take care your kids well and feel that your cant live without her! hav you try to sit down and talk to her strictly? for me, i cant expect my maid (if i hav one), to talk back to me everytime when she is at fault. cos since she dont respect you as her employer, no matter hw good she did her job, also abit pointless. what if few mths later, she starts to order your to do things? or dont wanna to even do the things your ask her to?

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