My EDD end Aug.

My house has:

My hubby
My 3yr old son
Mother in law
Father in law
Sister in law

My previous confinment lady does the housework for me,hubby,baby and cook for my whole family(parent in law,sister in law, that time without maid) She's a patience lady but i dont't like the food she cook cause it's limited choice only and can everyday the same i'm so bored whereby, i heard my friend her's can cook western.

This time i'm worried to engage again another which is not good in cooking. I need recommend from you all a good nanny that can really cook great food and western best everyday different dishes.. keke..
But, should the nanny prepare the food for my parent in law,sister in law, maid too? My clothings and baby's clothings is nanny wash or maid wash? My hubby and others is still maid wash, housework cleaning maid can do.

Need advise if you gals have a fantastic nanny that can cook for whole family and cook great food?