I've decided to let go of my Phil maid end Jan 08. She has been with me since mid Aug 07.

Her good points:
1. Her attitude is good. She dont't show black face.
2. She's hardworking.
3. Very soft spoken.
4. Loan cleared by end Jan 08.
5. She can understand little chinese.

Her bad points:
1. Cannot cook well. (dishes that is decent is stir fry vege and fried egg).
2. Cannot cope with my 2 hyperactive kids.
3. Need constant reminders and follow up on work.
4. She's a fresh maid. She needs some training on her "common sense".

Reason for transfering:
1. Me and her, freqency not there. I think, her english understanding and my english understanding is different. So sometimes, when I give instructions, she does the wrong thing.
2. mother in law and her, cannot communicate well cause, first her english understanding is already a problem, and to make things worst, my mother in law only speaks broken english, so it's quite bad. As my mother in law ended up doing things all by herself.

Suitability suggestion:
1. I feel she is more suitable for elderly care OR
2. Family with only 1 kid and have someone to guide.

In the first place, it's my mistake to take in a fresh maid. Cause we really dont't have the time to slowly train her. After these few months, I can see that she has improved a little on her initiatives, but hygiene wise, still not up to my standard.

Please email me at jennis72@gmail.com if you need more info. Thanks.