I am a mother for a 2need time. The confinement nanny which I had engaged for this time was recommended by my mother-in-law. She said that her niece had used her before in the year 2009.

According to her, the confinement nanny (Mei Zhu) was very good. She was from Mísia. She had experience looking after twin newborns, hence looking after just a single newborn was nothing to her at all. She had over 10 years of experience working as a confinement nanny.

My daughter was borned in Apr 2015, 1 month beforethe EDD. Howeverthe confinement nanny wasnít able to come in Aprí15. Hence she asked her sister (Bi Zhu) to come and work for 10 days before Mei Zhu took over.

Description of Bi Zhu: Age : early 50s, Height : +/- 160cm, body:+/- 70kg. Hair: curly/shoulder-length. Got a son staying in sg.

On the 1st day of confinement , Bi Zhu told us that although she has been working as a confinement nanny for a few years mainly in Mísia, she will come to SG only when her Sister (Mei Zhu) canít make it and she had to stand in for her.

  1. 1st thing Bi Zhu told us was that she was lazy compared to other nanny (which keep myself & hubby puzzled & worried of her Standard of Services)
  2. On the 1st day when she prepared water for my baby to bathe, hubby went to test the water temperature. It was burning hot and she wanted to bathe baby in the water. She argued that she will adjust the water while bathing baby. Hubby immediately scolded her.

  3. When asked her to take temperature of baby using a thermometer, she placed the thermometer under babyís armpit outside her clothes. She said in mísia she did it that way for mísian newborns. After this occasion, hubby asked her to wait for me to prepare the water for babyís bath.

  4. When my hubby told her to wash the stove and part of the wall tiles directly facing the stove, she simply refused.

  5. When hubby asked her to mop the kitchenís floor after cooking especially after frying food, she said the floor wasnít oily and not required to mop.

  6. She told us she wasnít aware of the agreement between Meizhu and us. She told us that when she was working as a confinement nanny in mísia, she only had to take care of the newborn and to cook for the wife only. She said any other chores was taken care of by the employersí maids . She also said she had to sleep by 9 pm every night. How is it possible that every single family that she has worked for happened to have maids?

    She happened to told us that her rate for confinement nanny while working in mísia is 4100 Ė 4400 ringgit.

  7. Every night during the feeding at around 12pm she always failed to wake up to my babyís cries. Hence, we have to go over to her room to wake her up.

  8. She likes to waste food. She cooked large amount of food for herself and hubby. There was once when she cooked a bowl of veggies enough to feed 4 persons. When asked why she cooked so much she said she didnít know how to estimate. She added that normally the employer will go to market to buy the food for her to cook.

  9. Normally she will go to market to buy the food she likes so she can cook and eat them . Normally she didnít consult what food the hubby would like to eat.

  10. She bought ďkampong chickenĒ from market meant for myself but she cut away the meat to cook for herself and left a little meat with all bones left for me.

    Description of Mei Zhu: Age : 55, Height : +/- 156cm, Weight: +/- 55kg. Hair: wavy/medium long. Got 5 childrens: 2 sons, 3 daughters.

  1. On the 1st day of work when she took over from her sister Bi zhu, Mei zhu mentioned that she couldnít sleep at night hence working as confinement nanny suits her . However, we observed that every night she slept soundly.

  2. Thereís a time when Mei Zhu left the milk bottle in the warmer . By the time I saw it, she was already sound asleep. When I went to wake her up she said she dozed off already and asked me to pour the milk away.

  3. She asked hubby to go buy alcohol swipes but she never use it on baby which puzzled us .

  4. She mentioned to us frequently that all her children are unfilial and wonít want to spend time with her during CNY. Thatís why she prefer to work on CNY.
    However, I discovered that her son who is working and staying in SG came to celebrate motherís day with her while working for us
  5. She mentioned that Bizhuís son was also unfilial . His son refused to pick up Bizhuís call. However, according to bizhu, she told us his son had shown her around SG and brought her to eat nice food a few days before she started working for us.

  6. She was not honest. She put words in my mouth. Thereís an occasion when hubby instructed her to cook meat for me, but she didnít do it. When questioned by hubby she gave the excuse that I told her not to cook meat and cook other dishes instead.

  7. When she saw me washing a cup she should show initiative by taking over but she didnít.( as during confinement I should touch as little water as possible )
  8. When hubby see the stove with stains after cooking and requested her to clean, she just said she had cleaned it.

  9. Thereís once where she had used the slow cooker but didnít wash it clean and left it inside the cupboard. Hubby went to take it out and discovered thereís oil and stains inside the slow cooker . He had to wash it thoroughly over again.

  10. Thereís an occasion when my mother-in-law came to visit us and asked Meizhu whether she got made a dish ďsalted chickenĒ for me. She said she couldnít find the salt in market. My mother-in-law said then why canít tell hubby then he can go and buy it. Also she didnít cook proper confinemen t food , also never brewed Martell or DOM for me.

  11. When I tell her that I actually wanted to do away with breast feeding she went to tell my mother-in-law.
  12. Thereís some occasions where I suspected Mei zhu didnít burp baby after feeding as baby tend to vomit some milk out right after . While she was feeding baby inside the room, she purposely backface the door so that anyone outside the room couldnít see what was going on inside.
  13. She fed baby less milk powder with more water without consulting me. In the end , baby was hungry earlier and had to be fed more time. Her explainatin was she was afraid the formula milk will be more heaty for baby.

  14. There was once hubby walked into babyís room to see baby and see the fan was put to stationary and blowing directly at baby. Immediately he went to tell Mei zhu off.

  15. There was a few occasions where Mei zhu deliberately didnít wash the milk bottles and the breast pump and left them for me to wash.
  16. The most serious mistake she made and was caught in the act was that she actually placed baby lying flat on top of a pillow while feeding baby. Hubby saw it and confronted her immediately then she replied sometimes she did it so that next time baby will be easier to fed. The consequence of feeding baby lying flat completely will risk ear infection. The next afternoon we paid her till that day and asked her to leave.

  17. Conclusion was Mei Zhu was very lazy and tell lies very often . She will cut corner wherever she can. I couldnít have a peace of mind while sheís working with us.

    Bizhu contact nos: +60 12 9x8 7xx9

    Meizhu contact nos: 9xx2 0xx6 ; +60 12 9x6 7xx4