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  • 1 Post By mummymaid

Putting maids in dormitories

This is a discussion on Putting maids in dormitories within the Domestic Helper, Nanny and Confinement Lady forum, part of the You and Your Family category; FDW's dormitories (read link) I like the idea of putting maids (all nationalities) in nearby dormitories. If this is implemented, ...

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    Cool Putting maids in dormitories

    FDW's dormitories (read link)

    I like the idea of putting maids (all nationalities) in nearby dormitories. If this is implemented, I hope it could be:
    • Employers pay them a higher salary eg $700-1000 per month, depends on FDW's real domestic experience and hours of work. Future FDWs draws higher salary eg $1000 per month in order to pay for their own accommodation, meals, insurance, transport, levy, longer working hours and security/ID cards (at dormitory). All expenses must be borned by maids, employers only pay salaries, that's all, flat fee, nothing else. We pay bonus if she has performed well, just like our companies.
    • Dormitory location: nearby employer's house. Or shuttle bus provided to mrt stations/designated locations so that FDWs can report to work on time.
    • Ideal working hours: 7am to 7pm (same like chidcare centres). Longer hours will be computed as overtime or packaged as higher salary eg draws $1000 per month, with experience. Shorter working hours (eg half day) would mean lesser pay. Such half day FDWs should be allowed to work for 2 households.
    • One off day each week - employers not responsible for FDWs well-being or mishaps/maid's irresponsible action. Lesser off day (longer working hours) means higher salary eg draws $1000 per month, with experience.
    • No more upfront maid to be borned by employers. FDWs to settle themselves before flying to Spore, eg borrow from their banks, do a mortgage, etc.
    • Employer pays agency placement fee, cap at $200-500, 50% refundable if FDW failed to work for three months.
    • Failure to work according to employer's job requirement (must be documented into employment contract), FDWs will be repatriated home.... pay air ticket with their own money. Agency must source replacement or refund 50% placement fee.
    • Insurance will be tied and borned by FDW as long as she's working in Spore. New employer (transfer FDW) need not buy insurance nor bear security bond or medical fees.
    • Levy becomes monthly 'insurance and foreign worker COE - Certificate of Employment'. A FDW's bank account with GIRO facility for payment and salary crediting is best for everybody. Every cents clearly documented.
    • Have more maids from countries, like Bangladesh, China countryside, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to increase the competition. Let employers have more choices so that Indonesia and Philippines won't 'blackmail' us with higher salary yet NO real domestic experience.
    • Dormitory security - FDWs must hold photo ID to scan when they go in and out of dormitory. The dormitories only allow female occupants. To be built not within walking distance to male dormitories.

    Let FDWs be responsible for themselves and stop labelling them as slaves.
    They've signed the employment in black and white. Time to let FDWs see how much we are paying for them, how they have taken things for granted.

    Hope one day the sky is clear and I can smile, feel relieve while being a FDW's employer.
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