Dear mummies, I've just delivered My second baby in oct 2011.And I'm currently still
Doing my confinement.
I would like to recommend my confinement lady to whoever need.
I fully understand how stressful it is to find a good confinement lady.

She's from Indonesia, batam. A Chinese . She can cook proper confinement food and ca. Take good care of baby.

She's also very hardworking. When she's free, she will help mop and sweep the room.
she also dont't mind cook for my hubby and mum as well.she gets along well with my mum who's staying in with me.

Do email me at for her contact.

As she's still in spore, you may talk to her or meet up with her face to face.

As a word of advise, some mummies would like to save money and DIY confinement. I urge you to spend the money if you can , because having a confinement lady really makes a difference.

All the best !