I just popped my 1st baby on 3rd Feb and have engaged Auntie Kaili from JB to help me during this CNY confinement period. So far I find that she's very good with my baby (which is my top priority), pays attention to cleanliness and cooks well. She's quite easy to get along with, chinese-speaking. Can speak a bit of English. Of course, there are some things that she would insist on following for the good of my health, but most of the time, pretty easy to discuss/ negotiate with. For instance, I dont't eat veggie and animal internal organs (i.e.: pig liver etc), so she will think of alternative dishes to help me with my iron intake, though she will remind me that it may not be as ideal. Upon hearing that i prefer simpler dishes (more of the Teochew taste), she's also quite flexi in adjusting the taste of the dishes accordingly.

She will also take the time to prepare the rice-based drink + red date tea so that i can alternate my intake - coz red date tea can be very heaty and I'm not accustomed to drinking it all the time. So the rice-based drink that she prepared helped. The other instance is of course about bathing... coz i cannot stand not bathing, she will help me prepare boiled water with rice liqour or something for me to wipe clean. And every few days (after the 1st week), she will prepare the herb mixture for me to bathe.

I've heard of my friends' horror stories of how their CL may indulge in watching TV. Thankfully, Auntie Kaili is not into it, so she spends her time either cooking for me, washing our clothes (and the baby's), sweep/ mop our floors and taking care of the baby. She's also quite knowledgeable about certain herbs - for instance, my baby had some rashes earlier on, and she would tell us to get certain herbs to bathe the baby in (which worked pretty well).

So far the only thing that she strongly discouraged me from doing is to wake up in the middle of night to breast feed the baby as she insists that i should have enough rest. She would close the door (but not locked) when she accompanies the baby to sleep, so that the baby and I can have undisturbed sleep. But she would readily wake up as and when the baby stirs and prep accordingly (be it to change diaper or feed the baby). Thus, i have no issues with this arrangement - though some mommies may be uncomfortable with this. Otherwise, i think she's of great help to me, my baby and of course, my husband - where we are trying to learn many things for the 1st time.

If you're keen, best that you contact her directly to discuss - Auntie Kaili @ +65 8162 0379 (SG number) or at +6016 292 7313 (Msia number).