Dear Readers,

Prior to having a child of my own, I was stationed in Jakarta, Indonesia for 2 years where I conducted EQ and IQ training for children. Particular attention was paid to those aged 1-6 years as the formative years determine the future of these young lives. During my stay there, the programmes for the children included a compotent for their main caregivers who are the biggest influence to determine a child's progress and development.

Throughout my interactions with the nannies (as they are called in Indonesia), I have realised what makes most of them tick and why misunderstandings with employers arise. In a nutshell, it all boils down to communication - simply, how an instruction is given to them and the desired outcome(s). The instruction has to be direct (i.e. non conceptual or abstract). For example, instead of telling your helper "Do not waste water", simply show her the water level in the pail you want for soaking the clothes. This will also alleviate the misinterpretations especially since an Indonesian helper's is far from what we would expect as "fair" as stated in their biodatas.

Having said that, I have been employing Indonesian helpers myself and the last stayed with me for 3 years which is an achievement I would consider looking at the current ones that are available in Singapore.

I decided on starting this blog because I am a mother of a young child myself and reading the experiences of those employers who had their children abused by the helpers disgust and affect me very deeply. It also coincides with the experiences that have been shared with my Indonesian and local contacts, many of whom still approach me for help for their domestic situation. Some of these stories shared include sexual abuse on a 2 year old girl by an Indonesian helper. Yes, you read that right. It was a 2 year old GIRL who was cruelly fingered by her Indonesian helper and whose mother did not want to report to the authorities as she was in the midst of fighting for her child's custody.

I have left my job to concentrate on caring for my child whom I am thankful I am able to bring up well because of my professional experience as well as genuine love for children. She is currently attending preschool full day and I have loads of time on my hands.

As such, I have decided to offer my services to those families who sincerely are in need of having a reliable Singaporean to help them check on their helpers who are usually alone at home and also capable of coaching their helpers to take good care of their children.

This includes activities that can be done with infants / children at different developmental stages, observing the children's developmental needs, appropriate routine care and helping the children establish and develop excellent communication abilities.

There is no standard package available and there never will be as every household's needs and expectations are different. As I am committed to delivering results, serving with the conscience that every child is entitled to a save and happy environment to grow up in and giving parents' a peace of mind to concentrate on their work, I can only accept a handful of families at any one time.

If you sincerely need my help, especially if you are a first time mother, I will be happy to be in touch with you. I can be contacted at or 83386011 for further discussion or if you just need some good, sincere advice.