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Sack Confinement Nanny in 4 hours

This is a discussion on Sack Confinement Nanny in 4 hours within the Domestic Helper, Nanny and Confinement Lady forum, part of the You and Your Family category; I am an father again. I got a confinement nanny from an agency called lian tze (莲支) 。 let me ...

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    Sack Confinement Nanny in 4 hours

    I am an father again. I got a confinement nanny from an agency called lian tze (莲支) 。 let me narrate the situation to everyone.

    1. When my wife and my new baby and a very naughty 2 year old son arrived home from the hospital, the confinement nanny (CN) arrive at my door step at the same time. That was 1.30pm

    2. We became busy settling down and instead of helping us quickly on settling down, the CN told me "you are supposed to give me an ang pow". Well, in my mind I was thinking "yes but can you not see we are trying to settle down with a new born, still hurting mummy and a very naughty boy?". Ok we gave the ang pow to her.

    3. After that, my wife requested her to bath the baby. While she is bathing the baby, we took a peek at what she is doing. My gosh, she is only using wetted cotton wools to swipe her body. After the baby bath, everything is left thrown around in the bathroom without cleaning up.

    4. My wife then requested the CN to prepare the chinese style herbal bath for her to wipe her body with slightly damp cloth. When my wife is wiping herself, the CN told her" why not you just pour herbal onto your body and that would be faster?". My wife retorted: this is called wiping and pouring over my body is called shower". After my wife was done, now the bathroom is in a greater mess with both my wife and baby dirty clothings in it.

    5. When she came out the the bathroom she asked me if I have arrange bathing soap, sampoo and others for her? Huh? was that in contract? well, I told her she is free to use anything she likes. Then I asked her: are you taking a shower now? She said "no but I just want to know only.". My gosh.

    6. After a while my wife aske her into the room to discuss about cooking and food. When she came out, she question me" what are we eating tonight?". She inisist on an answer from me. I was wondering" huh? why are you not cooking for my wife first and then talk about "us". Moreover, the agent said that the CN will not cook for the rest of the family, so why persist to question me on this?".

    7. So she went to cook. Her cooking messed up the whole kitchen and the soup taste very fishy because the she did not handle the fish correctly.

    That was the last straw and we called the agent exactly 4 hours arrived and sacked her. We recommended that the agency do not use her again.

    That was my experience with this lian tse about two weeks ago. I want to share this with everyone so that all some may like to pay attenetion in this critical time.

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    Re: Sack Confinement Nanny in 4 hours

    Sounds really horrible. I shall forward to my friends who have intention to get confinement nannies so that they make better decisions as well as discuss in detail with their future CN what they are supposed to do.

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    Re: Sack Confinement Nanny in 4 hours

    about the ang bao, some CL is pangtang. Maybe no ang bao they wun start work. better check out with various sources about this thou

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