Hi to all Mummies,

What do you all think of having a support group for mummies in the East?

Based on what I have read so far in the forums as well as my own experiences in raising my own kid, I realised that the main issue / problem that mummies of today's generation have is that there is absolutely no support to help them look after their babies and that the cost of infant care is simply too expensive.

What do I mean by a support group is that mummies from this forum could take turns to help other mummies to look after their babies on a part-time or ad-hoc basis and this schedule could be rotated. In this way, mummies will have other trusted mummies whom they could turn to in times of need and in another way, the babies also benefit from the social interaction that they could have from other babies. Long term wise, mummies can work and earn money and at the same time, save money from the very expensive infant care in Singapore.

Is this idea workable??