dear mummies,

i was a stay at hm mummy for almost 2 yrs, and recently i have decided to work again.. tho its a very difficult decision, n makes me feel sad cos i have to b apart from my kids (son 3yo and daughter 1yo plus..), ithought it wld def help in supplementing the household income n make me 'think'again.. however, im in urgent need for a carer for my kids..

anyone knows a temp baby sitter to send my boy to school and care for my kids while im at wk or when my hubby's at work? i need a temp one cos im thinking of gtg a maid as soon as possible.. IF YOU ARE A BABYSITTER STAYING AT WOODLANDS AREA, N WILLING TO TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS DURING CERTAIN hours AT MY HOME, PLS CONTACT ME AT 81987084

and, im thinking of hiring a maid soon.. any recommendations or do you all mummies think that a basitter wld be a better choice? sigh.. pls help with yr inputs!! thks in advance!