Description of vacancy
Dearest Job Seeker, This is Mr George Aretas the CEO of HEL, we are looking for a ENGINEERING in all kinds /MARKETING STAFF/DRIVER/CHEF/COORDINATOR MONITORING//Unskilled Labour and driver from Any Country that can speak a little English Or more ..

Willing to Work in United Kingdom(London)

I will be attending to all Applicant .and other information about You will be forwarded to My agent.

MARKETING STAFF: £2300 Monthly, Weekly allowance(300)
COORDINATOR MONITORING: £2500 Monthly ,weekly allowance (270)
DRIVER: £2000 Monthly weekly allowance (240)
CHEF: £1920 Monthly ,weekly allowance (180)
HOUSE SITTER: £1800 Monthly ,weekly allowance (150)
ENGINEERING OIL AND GAS SECTORE £3100 Monthly Weekly allowance 360

You shall have a private accommodation with furnished bedroom and also a private bathroom.A Fixed Telephone and Internet .Send us your references or resume/cv.

Should the outcome be positive, we would send you an email and discuss travel arrangements in due course of which I would be of generous assistance to you.

Terms and condition
1:: You will be the Bearer of your Visa/Working permit expenses
2:: After having your visa with our travel agent we will send you a free plane ticket to come here
3:: We dontít employ under age of 20years. If you are below this Age. dontít contact us.
4:: You must have a Job presently . If not dontít contact Us.
5:: If you abide by the following terms and condition . you can send us an email and we would get back to you asap.

ON: or +447024032723