Hi all
Would like to recommend my confinement lady Bao to you all. She has 7 years of experience. I have an enjoyable confinement period in june this year as she takes care of baby very well & cooks very good food. Evey day 's dish is different! She is very well versed in making all kinds of soups including tonic soups for confinement

Under her encouragement & advice, i breastfeed more often & able to express more milk .

Under her care, baby gets into a sleep wake feed play routine very fast. And can sleep 3 to 4 hours at night!

And she does cook for the entire family

I learned a lot from her really!

Her contact

+60 (0) 14 8097 672
8615 6242

Her son contact in case cant contact her

Her charges are about $2500 for 4 weeks ( non new year period )

For new year period, about $3800 - $4200