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What does maid eat at agency?

This is a discussion on What does maid eat at agency? within the Domestic Helper, Nanny and Confinement Lady forum, part of the You and Your Family category; My maid from J** said while waiting for the next employer (which is me), she had to pay for her ...

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    What does maid eat at agency?

    My maid from J** said while waiting for the next employer (which is me), she had to pay for her own meal or just eat plain bread. One particular agency employee even asked her to provide coffee. My understanding is transfer maid while waiting to be collected or selected, their employer were made to pay $12-15/per day as lodging and food. How come mine often ended up with bread and no proper meal provided?

    Happened to read this on STOMP:
    STOMPer Susan was appalled to see maids at a training centre being fed with instant noodles, instead of proper cooked meals.

    The STOMPer wrote in an email to STOMP yesterday (Oct 2):

    "This is not the way to treat human beings. I saw this today at a maid agency in Hougang Green Shopping Mall.

    "This agency sits on the ground floor, next to a bakery shop near ATM machines.

    "I asked the bakery owner if this is a sight on daily basis, and she said yes!

    "These new maids, wearing the agency T-shirts, were seen taking out a packet of Maggi noodles, going into the agency and coming out with plastic bowls containing instant noodles in hot water with a plastic disposable spoon.

    "How to eat Maggi mee with spoon? I can even see some of them munching Maggi mee like crispy biscuits!

    "Even though they are maids, shouldn't they be provided with a proper meal? How much does it cost to cook some rice and chicken or vegetables for these maids?

    "A packet of bee hoon also dont't cost that much right? No matter what, they are also human. I simply cannot imagine what their breakfast or dinner was going to be when lunch was crispy Maggi mee with hot water! dont't you think this agency is way too much?

    "I employ my maid from Hougang Green too. I understand that they get proper cooked meals like rice and chicken or fried bee hoon, proper breakfast of bread, and tea at 4pm, with given biscuit or cake.

    "Even at the lodging homes, these maids will take turn to cook dinner.

    "This particular so-called 'training centre' sitting on ground floor is just an office for meeting clients.

    "There isn't space in the office for proper training at all!! It's violating human rights!"

    1) is it common for employers to pay $12 to $15/day to agency for their transfer maids but maids were not feed (if agency found they have money)? Some FDWs were made to do free cleaning (home or office) for their agencies on the pretext of training.

    2) which agency do you know that provides proper meal eg rice, meat and veg, etc for maid?

    3) Agency can be really bad but how come no maid wants to voice out? FDWs rather choose to vent anger or bully their employers/charges instead? How come they willing to suffer in silence when they had to pay 1 month's placement fee to agency in order to find another employer? Why nobody complain to MOM? Why most finger pointing were zoomed at employers?
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