I've looked at a few places in the hopes of purchasing my baby cot, drawer/cabinet and other baby room essentials.

So far I've visited - Ikea, Mothercare, Motherworks and Springs. Out of these, I think Mothercare seems to provide good cots but I didn't see cabinets/drawers. Ikea is possible but the cots looks quite flimsy? Btw, at Mothercare, i saw cots that are being sold that says its up to 5 years of age -- i've not seen a 5yo sleep in a cot but does anyone have similar experience where the cot is used past 1 or 2 years of age? If this is possible then it would save me money and hassle of buying another bed.

I also wanted to find out - is there like a big hypermall/mart that sells only baby room furnishings and essentials in 1 shop - kinda like a one stop shop? Most important is the cot, cabinet as my room isn't big and I'm hoping that I can find something that can fit into my room.

Any suggestion is most appreciated!

I'm not local so I'm a bit lost in looking for such stuff.