Recently just change all my curtains. Been asking around how much does it cost to wash all the curtains for living room and 3 bedroom. My surprise cost me about $350 just to wash.................... Since so expensive in the end I change all my house curtain for a lobang price at $430.00 Good Deal. I remember the last time I bought those curtain cost me around $800. Now less than half price. I got my lobang here at so how I do it. Just sharing. I submit my curtains request online and then I receive 6 different quote. Of course as usual we choose the most cheapest quote because we do not need those very fancy or very elegant design. Just a normal design and then we got another great cheap deal. Wash old curtains cost $350, Buy custom made curtains cost $430. What a good day. I hope my lobang help you too. Pls share if you had any other good lobang.