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How to check workmanship?

This is a discussion on How to check workmanship? within the Home Design and Decoration Tips forum, part of the Home Planning Forum category; Just want to share some of my thoughts when we engage renovation contractors to design and build our built-in cabinets ...

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    How to check workmanship?

    Just want to share some of my thoughts when we engage renovation contractors to design and build our built-in cabinets as well as how to go about checking for real good workmanship.
    • Love at first sight - The feeling and the ambience should be there. At one glance, you should feel that this WAS what i wanted. IF the 'feel' is not there, means either the proportion is wrong or the end product was not reflecting to the best its design intention.
    • Materials - Do some homework to study why and how materials are manufactured. Meaning from raw material till finished product and finally being put together on the door or plywood. Understand how they respond to bending, heating, scratching and touching. This will help you make an informed decision on which are the materials you should use or avoid for different areas as well as how to point out material defects to the contractor. Some materials will react differently after being put together or when bending is performed. Such understanding is necessary in order to build up good rapport with your contractor as they will respect you as a well-informed home owner rather than label you as a 'difficult' person to work with.
    • Unwrapping the present - We often see and touch the exterior and conclude that it is good or bad from outward appearances. This factor alone should not be a true indicator of good or bad. We should look out for more in-depth areas that truly reflect if this item was made to last or made to show. Reach out for the hidden or areas that most people will not notice. Feel the material. Was it finished or left as raw. Places that we often overlooked are areas underneath the drawers, under the counter top and underneath leftover space just between the cement base and the base of the cabinet. If we are talking about unfinished raw plywood, these will be the areas to start peeling if in contact with water.
    • Consistency - If given a wood grain pattern on the cabinet, look out for consistency. There should be at least 90 percent to a close match of the running grains or patterns. Mismatched wood grains or patterns just indicate saving of materials as well as not putting enough efforts to bring out the best in the material and design of the end product.
    having said all these, hope that the above few pointers are a general guide for all of us to check for real, good workmanship. Remember we should always check the external as well as internal.
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    Re: How to check workmanship?

    nice pointers you have...

    also to add on... for ppl getting new houses or renovating it.

    in view of the tiles place on the ground (if you have any)... according to my friends.. it should be as closely placed as possible, like not more than 5mm between the gaps.. some valuator will take this into consideration while valuating the house if you are changing later on...

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