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Mr Decor (Beng Hwa) at IMM Level 3 - a blacklisted company in online forums.

This is a discussion on Mr Decor (Beng Hwa) at IMM Level 3 - a blacklisted company in online forums. within the Home Design and Decoration Tips forum, part of the Home Planning Forum category; Just to share with those who are hunting for furniture: I agree totally with the bad service at Mr. Decor ...

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    Mr Decor (Beng Hwa) at IMM Level 3 - a blacklisted company in online forums.

    Just to share with those who are hunting for furniture:

    I agree totally with the bad service at Mr. Decor at IMM (Level 3). The attitude of their sales staff and even the manager, Kenny is atrocious. Promise that they can customize the coffee table for us in black, he even called his factory at Dongguan, China to check on this. Everything ok, everything no problem (that is on 9th Aug). After we placed 50% deposit(that's their requirement for deposit) coz my in-laws went there several times and the staffs' before sales aka sales talk skills are superb , 3 weeks later & YES! you are reading it correctly, its 3 WEEKS later (on 29th Aug), his staff called and informed that it cannot be done.. So want us to go down again to select another from their available stocks. We went down (on 30th Aug) but nothing caught our eyes, all the stocks are no different from what we had seen 3 weeks back. Apparently, they are just trying to push sales. Very very hard sell. This is the 1st promise broken.

    They kept promising that there will definitely be new stocks & mentioned they will call us when new stocks arrive, probably on 10th Sept. No one called on 10th Sept. We went down on 12th Sept to check if there's any new stocks. I can't believe that we have to go back to the shop 3 times just to settle a simple coffee table. We were totally filled with disappointment on 12th Sept. Kenny, the manager mentioned since that's the case, he will deduct $600 - the price of the coffee table out from the package price (that previously includes the sofa, dining table & coffee table) to compensate us for the waiting time and if we see any coffee table we like in the shop the next time round, it will only cost $500. Frankly speaking, a simple coffee table does not cost that much. Since it looks like the coffee table issue more or less settled here. He kept pushing us to get the coffee table in white, I was already very very upset coz it just does not match our living room concept. How can you insist your customer to get something unwillingly just because you want to make a closure to the deal? I am very strongly against his words. Why should we be the victims when it is so clearly their fault? Why should we compromise? It was their promise on 9th Aug that they can customise specially the coffee table in black, which was why we agreed to the package deal (Sofa, dining table & coffee table). Else, getting in Malaysia is worth it. They are more accomodating there.

    Again, Kenny promised the delivery on 17th Sept (Sat) is a No Problem. My hubby received a call this afternoon that delivery schedule on Sat is FULL. As a manager, he is ridiculously this-organised. I am totally disgusted with him. So I called the sales person who served us previously, Anthony. He said he will check and revert. He got Kenny to call and I told Kenny in a nice way (I am not the typical demanding and unreasonable customer), yesterday he mentioned that delivery on Sat is a no problem after he had checked for us on the spot and confirmed on that (Now, I'm wondering if he did even bother to check when we were there yesterday). Sat is a better day for us coz it is a non-working day. But now he insists to change the delivery schedule on Fri evening - this means we have to make alternative plans to rush to our new house after work. It is so disruptive. Kenny's reply over the phone in an irritated manner: "If the delivery day of Sat matters so much to you, WELL, I CAN change it back to Sat afternoon FOR YOU but I CAN'T GUARANTEE that both your dining table & sofa will be delivered together (I was like, what atrocious customer service is this??? You mean the total number of items stated on the same invoice will be delivered separately? Going to the same place twice to deliver individual items? It is no doubt that the delivery schedule is full, because they are doing double jobs, perhaps who knows, triple?). This shows how this-organised and messy this organisation is operating. Promises broken umpteen times..

    This is when it daunted on me that it is time I check on their reputation. I googled the reputation of Mr Decor and am very shocked that there's not a single good comment at all. Apparently, they changed their company name from Beng Hwa to Mr Decor not because to keep up with the trend, it is because Beng Hwa is blacklisted in all the sites (Renotalk, Singapore Brides, Cozy Cot - just to name a few) which I went to. Imagine if a company has built very good reputation over the years, why would they want to have a change in the name? When I mentioned that I want a full refund over the phone to Kenny, he shouted at me and threatened me. Sounds like a hooligan, gangster kind of manager he is. A word of caution: Do NOT ever even step into their shop at level 3 at IMM.
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    Re: Mr Decor (Beng Hwa) at IMM Level 3 - a blacklisted company in online forums.

    Guess we're luckier.

    Went there with my boss and his wife last friday. My boss saw a bed which he likes. Asked for price. They quoted $1699 for a single bed with pull out bed and free 2 single mattresses. I also saw one platform bed which attracts me. Saw on the bed frame itself. "Queen Size $899, King Size $1099" !! I looked around the bed and this salesman came over and talk to me. So I asked about the price for a queen size. The person told me $1699!!!!!! He even said cause plus the 2 sides, is equal to king size already, so to them is considered king size.

    I felt that it's bullshit ! So I tried to pull my boss and his wife, who was so attracted to the bed, off the saleman. Then the salesman keep psyco them to make deposits first. When I tell my boss to KIV first, the salesman can even tell me "eh, dont like that .... Dont ask them KIV .." *WTH*! Straightaway Gave him a hard stare! and pull my boss n wife away.

    And I just showed my boss wife this post, she was like relieved they didnt pay anything.

    Why so they bother to change name but not service attitudes? Seriously..............................
    When I keep quiet, doesn't means I know nothing about what is going on~!!

    Items For Clearance!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/41233425@N03/

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