hi mummies

I got to know this treatment from my aunt. She was very worried about her slippery floor (especially after washing/mopping) when her new grandson arrived last few months. she asked around for solutions, either advice is to change the tiles or use anti slip strips but anti slip strip trap a lot of dirts, surface very rough if the kid crawl around will also scratch the skin...

Then during an upgrading project for toilets, she saw one of the upgrade was anti slip treatment on existing tiles. On the day when the contractors and the appointed treatment specialist came, she also ask him whether she can do her whole kitchen as well and she just pay him on the spot. he said ok because the treatment only needs 1-2 hours depends on the material of the tiles. After she did her kitchen and the bathrooms(EASE project) her tiles still looks the same but when the floor is wet (he will ask you to test!) is not slippery, even with soap (i've tried it n very impressed)!! But you have to maintain the floor clean-just regular mopping or scrubbing... It even comes with warranty of 5 years, just call them if you find it still slippery they will test the flooring and retreat the floor again for free. But usually no need - he was quite confident with his product. He also did treatment major companies like hotels, catering companies and shopping mall.

I think this anti slip treatment is good to have for safety so just share with everyone here. if you are interested can email michael@cleangripsolutions.com or call him at 96690765.