Dear all,
I wonder who has the same issue as me?

I bought a resale flat with grant (stay near parents) 5 years back and never purchase a BTO flat before. Due to this, I am now considered as 2nd timer for BTO flats and my chances of getting the flat is super low as they only allocate 5% of the flat aside for us. This is abit frastrated. I sold my resale flat due to my divorce and downgraded to a 3 room resale flat. My parents are staying with me. And now my baby is coming end of the year and I needed a room for him. Sigh. Resale flat is so expensive and with high can I afford that.

I tried applying Punggol and twice either my queue number was super big or my queue number was 300% more than the allocated flat and hence the application was auto-cancelled.

Im posting to see if I got people in the same boat as me or not?