Hi All, Just wondering if there are any ppl here did appeal to HDB before? I am considering to buy a new EC near my in laws place as it is very troublesome for her to travel so far everyday to help me take care of my baby (we cannot and prefer not to bring our baby over to their house coz they have a dog and my baby has bad eczema). We are staying in punggol and she is in sembwang so its quite a dist. But the catch here is our current flat is a BTO flat and we've only stayed here for 2.5 years. I understand that we have to meet MOP before even selling or buying any new flats from HDB, so I was wondering if anyone here has come across or been in this situation before. There will be a new EC that will be launching very near my in laws place therefore I thought it will be good if we could stay there. I am not looking at selling my flat now as we still need a roof above our heads but more of wanting to secure that EC. And if we did, the TOP would be in 3 - 4 years time and by then, we would have met the MOP for our current flat. Thanks